Next generation AI with genuine
emotion sensing for the real
and new virtual worlds

Emotion Logic fuses genuine human
emotions into AI decision making
processes to create the next
generation of interactive devices

Emotions drive
human decisions,

but today’s AI systems ignore the
emotional component and the
specific user’s personality.
Furthermore, emotions are hard to
read and understand as humans
often hide their true emotions
and real concerns.

Emotion Logic uses
voice technology

for genuine emotion detection
with textual sentiment analysis
and AI logic learning
capabilities to create emotion-
intelligent solutions for HR,
Call centers, medical uses, bots
and META businesses.

Using Emotion Logic

AI systems will be able to
develop a true personality, based
on true feelings and experiences,
and actual knowledge of good and
bad. This way, a new order of
interactions between humans and
systems can be formed.

Emotion Logic is about
empowering its users

It’s about open communication and
expanding the boundaries of top-
level connection between clients
and service providers from all
kinds. Emotion Logic is about
computers, humans and everything
in between.

Emotion Logic is a daughter
company of Nemesysco ltd. and was
created to bring the soft
technologies Nemesysco developed
over the years to serve society
at large and ensure these are put
to good use in service of mankind.

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learn more when the time is

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