Add our emotion detection APIs to your technological stack and
promote emotion-detection and risk-assessment capabilities to
your customers across a wide range of use cases

How can emotion detection serve your customers?

HR & security vetting​​​
Increase successful hiring & employee satisfaction
Expedite investigations, reduce time & costs
Entertainment & match-making​
Increase successful match rates and spot bad actors
Machine-human interface​
Increase engagement rates & customer satisfaction
Risk assessment​​ Fraud detection​​
Reduce fraud losses & increase customer satisfaction
Enhance KYC, reduce loan defaults & boost customer satisfaction
Contact centers​
Increase sales, customer satisfaction and team retention
Leverage emotion insights in marketing & academic research
Improve evaluation quality & recovery rates
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Introducing Emotion Logic Hub

Your one-stop gateway into the universe of affective computing

Beyond Content, Beyond Intonation​​

Genuine emotional reactions are hardcoded in the human voice​

Human emotion decoded​

Layered Voice Analysis (LVA™) is a one of a kind technology that analyses human voice to detect and measure uncontrollable emotional and cognitive states.


More than meets the ear​

The voice analysis technology focuses on underlying vocal biomarkers, revealing genuine emotions that may be masked by a person’s choice of expression.


100% independent of Language and intonation​​

LVA™ works in any language, culture prosody and expressive style and can be used on-demand anywhere in the world. 


Bias-free insights​​​

LVA™ analysis is not affected by race, gender, age, or cultural traits.  ​


Effective and flexible​​​

Stream or upload voice captured using a microphone, over the phone or the web – analyze in LVA™ and get the emotional data. And yes, it features real-time insights too. ​


Enjoy Versatility​​​

Emotion Logic empowers your decisions regardless of the speaker’s role (client, employee, patient etc…), your KPI (sales, wellbeing, fraud prevention etc…), the language being spoken or the level of integration into your workflows.

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