Emotion Logic FeelGPT Service Detailed Overview


What is FeelGPT?

FeelGPT virtual experts blend genuine emotion detection with speech-to-text analysis to provide deeper insights that enhance business processes, boost sales, increase customer engagement, and improve fraud detection.

Operating as a team of virtual expert advisors, FeelGPT offers comprehensive analysis of any audio file, enabling a better understanding of the emotions and content conveyed. At its core, FeelGPT processes audio files by extracting spoken content through speech-to-text technology and assesses underlying emotions using Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology. This dual-layered analysis of both literal and emotional content of dialogues opens up possibilities in customer care, fraud prevention, and market research, among other fields that can significantly benefit from such detailed analysis.

Designed with the new EU AI regulations for “responsible AI” in mind, FeelGPT’s AI component, equipped with tailored instructions based on selected expert knowledge, meticulously examines compiled data. It identifies key emotional triggers and conversational content, formulates recommendations, and provides detailed explanations for each case. This approach—encompassing transcription, emotional assessment, and AI-driven analysis—enables FeelGPT to deliver comprehensive insights into the nuances of communication, essential for applications like fraud detection, customer support, and mental health evaluation.

The FeelGPT Process

The process utilized by FeelGPT is as follows:

  • Ensure a high-quality recording of the audio data or conversation for analysis. Recordings should be made in a quiet setting, free from background music and noises, focusing on the topic with a single speaker per audio channel.
  • Log in to Emotion Logic, if not already done, and select “FeelGPT advisors” under the “Analyze now” menu.
  • Choose the advisor relevant to your needs. Each FeelGPT advisor looks for specific details in the audio to fulfill its task; irrelevant uploads (e.g., songs or nonsensical talk) are not suitable.
  • Browse and select your audio file, or drag and drop it into the FeelGPT drop zone. Audio files are stored temporarily and erased after closing the analysis report unless you’re a subscriber who opts for data retention.
  • Audio files are encrypted and sent for speech-to-text analysis to SOC2 compliant partners.
  • Advanced voice analysis technology assesses each voice segment, extracting emotional biomarkers and computing emotional indications, which are then integrated with the transcript.
  • The AI LLM engine, acting as an expert in a specific field, interprets the emotionally-encoded transcript according to precise rules, generating a summary hashtag, a color code indication, and detailed explanations for decisions made.
  • The final FeelGTP report includes both an AI-generated summary and a detailed non-AI-based emotional report.

Using FeelGPT on the Emotion Logic Hub or via API

FeelGPT is accessible directly on the Emlo.cloud platform and via API for automated process integration. It augments professional workforces with automated expertise, reducing labor time and costs.

Using FeelGPT on the Emotion Logic Hub or via API

FeelGPT is accessible directly on the Emlo.cloud platform and via API for automated process integration. It augments professional workforces with automated expertise, reducing labor time and costs.

Using FeelGPT on the Emotion Logic Hub (www.Emlo.cloud)

Step 1: Audio Preparation

Ensure your audio file is clear and relevant to the intended analysis use case. The file should ideally feature one speaker per voice channel and be free from background noise.

Step 2: Login or Register

Navigate to www.Emlo.cloud and log in or register for a new account.

Step 3: Choose FeelGPT Advisor

Select the relevant FeelGPT advisor matching your audio content’s context from the main menu or the “Analyze now” sidebar.

Step 4: Upload and Analyze

Upload your audio file and select the spoken language for accurate analysis. If the file contains multiple speakers, use the “Use speaker separation” option for improved analysis accuracy.

Important Considerations:

  • Prefer stereo files for better speaker separation.
  • Minimize background noise and avoid music in the recordings.
  • Choose the correct language from the supported list for analysis.

Step 5: Review Results
The analysis results are displayed on your dashboard, segmented according to the selected advisor.

How to Read the Report

The FeelGPT Report consists of various sections detailing emotional and logical analyses, including a summary report, the Emotional Diamond analysis, and transcription with emotional indicators. Tags and emotional profiles provide additional insights into the data.

Benefits of FeelGPT for Organizations

FeelGPT offers organizations an automated set of expert capabilities, enhancing emotional intelligence, uncovering hidden insights, and delivering significant cost savings.


FeelGPT’s analysis, while advanced, is subject to the limitations of third-party services and recording quality, and thus, cannot guarantee perfect accuracy at all times. Users are advised to consider these factors and avoid sending sensitive or confidential data over the internet.

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