professional advisory service

FeelGPT is a professional advisory service.
It offers insightful analysis of audio files, tailored to your specific domain needs—be it sales, insurance fraud detection, or beyond.

Enhanced Efficiency

significantly reduce the time
spent on each case

Increased Accuracy

ensures an unbiased expert-level
review of each case

Build Loyalty

reducing wait times and improving
the customer experience

How It Works

FeelGPT analyzes audio uploads, distilling the spoken content with our
proprietary Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology and AI algorithms.
The service evaluates emotional nuances, providing a report rich with actionable insights.

login to the platform
and choose FeelGPT

Uploading file


Extracting Emotions

Generating conclusions


With FeelGPT, dive deeper into the emotional layers of your communication. Gain clarity on

the subtleties of voice to inform your strategy, enhance customer interactions, and

streamline your operations.

Discover FeelGPT

Start exploring the dimensions of emotional intelligence with FeelGPT. Let’s reshape how you understand and respond to the nuances of voice in your industry.

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