Emotion Logic FeelGPT Service Detailed Overview


What is FeelGPT? FeelGPT virtual experts blend genuine emotion detection with speech-to-text analysis to provide deeper insights that enhance business processes, boost sales, increase customer engagement, and improve fraud detection. Operating as a team of virtual expert advisors, FeelGPT offers comprehensive analysis of any audio file, enabling a better understanding of the emotions and content […]

Voices of Resilience: Decoding PTSD in Veterans Through LVA Technology


Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology by Nemesysco offers a unique approach to understanding emotional and cognitive states through voice analysis. This innovative technology analyzes various vocal parameters to detect emotional and cognitive stress, making it a valuable tool in psychological and medical contexts. LVA’s applications range from assessing mental stress, aiding in forensic psychological examinations, […]

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