The Almost Perfect Crime

Early investigators thought they had the culprits in their hands. They had a motive, they had the ability, and they created the opportunity. These were two criminals who had evolved into murderers. Case closed.

I’ve successfully trained hundreds of operators on  Emotion Analysis Technology. At the conclusion of the course, all of them are certified and from that moment on, they transition from trainees to become my colleagues. This story took place with a group of police officers from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil.

An Urgent Call from Brasilia

The cell phone rings and I see that it is a colleague from Brasilia. She asked me to provide a second opinion on a Voice Analysis Report they had on hand. The result indicated that a person accused of murder was not guilty of the crime. They wanted to be certain there was no doubt.  Without hesitation , I said, send it on.

With the test results in hand, I started to analyze the  provided  material. The questions were well placed and in all of the defendant’s denials of participation, the technology showed that he was [indeed] being truthful. There was no doubt, that person was not guilty of the crime assigned to him.

I called back and complimented them on their work. I went over the results with the analyses and expressed that in my opinion, they had interpreted the results perfectly and accurately well according to what the technology had pointed out.
After a short silence came the sentence: Mauro,  we have a problem!

In-Depth Analysis Reveals Truth

In the satellite city of Brasilia, there was a junkyard. The owners were criminals. They bought stolen cars, falsified the documentation, and sold them for less than the market value. That’s how two young people entered history. They went to the junkyard and bought one of these cars. The documentation, promised by one of the owners, will be delivered soon.

The documentation was never ready. Young people called every day and heard several excuses. It was then that they had the idea of going to the apartment where one of the owners lived with his wife.

They arrived at the building one night and parked nearby. They wanted to make sure he was there and for that, they called the house phone. The wife answered and said “hello”, but she heard nothing on the other end of the line. A few minutes later, another call. She answers and doesn’t hear anything. After a few more times, the husband answers ,  says a bunch of curses, and hangs up the phone. He was at home.

A Hidden Tale- Dark Secrets

In a few minutes, the couple hears knocking on the door. The wife opens it and the two young people enter the apartment, heading straight towards her husband. A discussion begins about the documents that soon turns violent. The youths draw weapons, shoot the owner of the junkyard, and flee the scene.

The wife, seeing her husband dead, calls the police and  recounts this story that you have just read. Within hours, the youths are arrested and charged with murder. Both deny authorship. When my police colleagues called me, one of them had already been tried and convicted and the second, who had to undergo surgery in prison and was about to be tried, managed to get the court to authorize the test, which was done.

The problem was precisely this: the first person convicted was probably also innocent. The case had to be reopened and a new investigation was carried out.

Justice Prevails

I told my colleagues that the story had many holes. How did they know where the couple lived? Let’s assume they followed them one day, and that’s how they found out. How did they know the home phone number? Let’s assume they got it from a Phone Book that still existed at the time. Finally, the big question: why did they leave the witness of everything alive to tell the story?

After a few weeks, they called me to provide the result of the investigation. The widow, three months after the incident, had married her husband’s partner in the junkyard. The antennas of the young people’s cell phones showed that they were in their homes, or close to them at the time of the crime, far from the couple’s address. The woman was confronted with the evidence and ended up confessing that she and her current husband planned everything. They took advantage of the problem with the documentation of the car sold to blame those young people.

The one who was already in prison was cleared of the crime of murder, but together with his friend they were tried and convicted of the crime of receiving stolen material. They paid a fine.

There is no such thing as a perfect crime, and Emotion Analysis Technology is a tool to prove it.

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